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A designer

is someone who brings
imagination to reality while

he thinks!

I grew up in Kerala, India. Land of colors, diversity, and culture known as Gods own country. Always the culture had a great impact in tuning up my creativity beyond my imagination.

I believe in dreams and nature, which could freeze you with its miracle.

Nature is my first art teacher and dreams always give life and color to my creative mind, soul and heart. This is what makes the real combination of art on any medium.

Journey to my career started as an assistant part time trainee designer to publicity designer and to an art director. I loved every step I passed in last 10 years. Each day made me realize what more is hiding to be revealed and what more left for me to learn and accomplish.

Few steps ahead, but much more to climb. So here I am presenting myself through my website, which will for sure give you the real picture of what I am and what I can provide to my customers out there.

Welcome to my world!


All what we see around us and all what we do is a piece of art. Therefore art is usually related to our emotions and feelings. It is just coloring our emotions that can be stronger than words. Here I am presenting my life on all medium as ART.


I don’t make gifts; I make memories from part of you. Mould’s can stay as memories that we can touch and feel. It can also bring back the time that we already past.
So being a molder, I feel proud to make memories in every one’s life. See how my memories could make you fly like a butterfly.


My designs come from the bounding between my thoughts and reality. Greatest challenge is reaching client’s point of view. The ideas need a big platform to play with.
A designer’s success always stays on the smile from a client seeing the final output. Here are some smiling moments for you.

I would like to
hear from you